PED Seminar Series

All seminars held at One Brattle Square at 4p unless indicated otherwise

MAR 27 

David Nelson & Hidenori Tanaka
Harvard University
Spatial Gene Drives and Excitable Fisher Waves 


Michael Hochberg
Centre national de la recherche scientifique
How evolution and environment shape cancer

APR 10

Daria Roithmayr
USC Gould School of Law
Cat and Mouse: The evolutionary dynamics of getting around the law

APR 27   

Kunihiko Kaneko
University of Tokyo

Deep Linearity in Adaptation and Evolution:
Macroscopic Theory, Microscopic Simulation, and Bacterial Experiments


Yoh Iwasa
Kyushu University
Will theoretical studies contribute to biology and life sciences?

SEP 21

Marco Archetti 
University of East Anglia
Public good games models of cancer evolution


Sergey Gavrilets
University of Tennessee
Collective action problem in heterogeneous groups with punishment and foresight