Ancient ROMEans

The following students have participated in ROME:
*Hoopes Prize winner

Ethan Abraham '04 Evolutionary game dynamics
Joshua Segal '04 Language evolution
*Gabriel Carroll '05 Random walks and the voter model; computational linguistics
Joseph Jackson '05 Evolution of irregular verbs
Rita Loiotile '05 Molecular variable reordering
Long Cai
'01 AM '01 PhD '06
Lymphoma dynamics
Shaun Fitzgibbons '06 The Agricultural Revolution
Brian Harrow JD '06 Generalized Moran process with applications in decision making
Deniz Kural '06 Institute for Virtual Economics
Vivek Rudrapatna '06 Evolution of protein networks
Samuel Fraiberger SM '07 The judiciome
William Gaybrick '07 Hypercomputation of the faulty automaton, LowLife
Andrew Laitman '07 Hypercomputation on neural networks
Alexander Levin '07 Evolutionary dynamics
*Mark Lipson '07 Cancer dynamics
Katherine Paur
AM '03 PhD '07
Modelling the effects of population structure and vaccination strategy on infectious diseases.
*Goutham Seshadri '07 Cascade graphs, consanguinity clustering
Gerardo con Diaz '08 Cooperation in structured populations
Alexander D'Amour
'08 SM '08
Game theory in baseball
Arjun Manrai '08 Neural networks
Joseph Armao '09 Evolutionary game dynamics, cooperation, and costly punishment
Charles Chen '09 Consanguinity and the Matrix-Forest Theorem
William Chen '09 Neural Networks
Kelley Harris '09 Threshold functions for cascade graphs
Da Lin '09 Phylogeny of Germanic languages
Charles Nathanson '09 Evolution of cooperation in structured populations under weak welection
Kaveri Rajaraman
AM '06 PhD '09
Clustering methods based on Google's pagerank
Anupriya Singhal '09 Neural networks
Neal Wadhwa '09 Update rules in graph-structured populations
*Nils Wernerfelt '09 The evolution of cooperation on dynamic graphs
Qian Yang '09 Math and your feet
Timothy Kim '10 Consanguinity on graphs
Thomas Kolokotrones
'00 MD '05 PhD '10
Hysteresis in evolutionary graph theory
Jian Li '10 Three-dimensional Peano curves
Nicholas Wage '10 Bounded rationality and the evolution of intelligence
Sarah Bakst '11 Comparative adjective morphology
Joseph Barillari
SM '07 PhD '11
The judiciome
Adrian Sanborn '11 Scaling dimensions with fractal curves and applications to DNA folding
*Ellen Rice '12 Dynamics of the HIV latent reservoir
Celene Chang PhD '13 Characterizing a basic stochastic model of the evolution of cancer
Jeffrey Ishizuka MD '13 Modeling the balance of protection and pathogenesis in HIV-1 immune activation
Jillian Jordan '13 Evolution of third-party punishment
Yo Moon '13 Evolutionary dynamics of cancer
Preya Shah
'13 SM '13
Dynamics of melanoma tumor growth
Tina Tang '08 DBA '13 Evolution of irregular verbs
Daniel Cooney '14 Kin selection in finite populations
Kristina Callaghan
AM '15
Mark Freeman '15 Synchronization of viral lifecycles and the evolution of cryptic drug resistance
Lily Hu '15 Dynamics of gene therapy treatment for HIV
Sriram Pendyala '15 Cancer immunotherapy modeling: Ipilimumab kinetics
Hattie Chung PhD '16 Network evolution
Alexander Isakov
'11 AM '13 PhD '16
Evolution of institutional punishment
Nathaniel Roquet
(PhD candidate)
Spatial modelling of infectious disease
Shirlee Wohl
(PhD candidate)
Dynamics of response to cancer therapy
Jonathan Libgober
AM '14 (PhD candidate)
Strategic information transmission
*Zoe Hitzig '15 Language evolution on graphs
Christopher Bruno '16 Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models of antiretroviral therapy for HIV