Three PED undergraduate affiliates win 2016 Hoopes Prize

Congratulations to Kate Donahue, Zoë Hitzig, and Andrew Raftery for winning the 2016 Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize for outstanding undergraduate work!

Kate DonahueZoë HitzigAndrew Raftery


2016 PED Hoopes Prize Winners

Donahue, Kathleen Pax for her submission entitled "'All Together Now': Linking the Public Goods Game and Prisoner's Dilemma for Robustness Against Free-Riders" - nominated by Dr. Martin Nowak

Hitzig, Zoë K for her submission entitled "The Evolutionary Dynamics of Distributive Justice" - nominated by Professor Edward Hall and Dr. Scott Kominers

Raftery, Andrew Michael for his submission entitled "Reciprocity with Imperfect Information: Why Altruism is So Quirky" - nominated by Dr. Erez Yoeli


View the full list of 2016 Hoopes Prize Winners here.