Articles That Appear in Scientific American, Natural History and New Scientist

1.  Nowak MA, RM May, K Sigmund (1995). The arthimetics of mutual help. Sci Am 272: 76-81.  PDF

2.  Nowak MA, AJ McMichael (1995). How HIV defeats the immune system. Sci Am 273: 58-65.  PDF

3.  Nowak MA (2000). Homo grammaticus. Nat Hist 109: 39-44.  PDF

4.  Sigmund K, E Fehr, MA Nowak (2002). The economics of fair play. Sci Am 286: 82-87.  PDF  Spektrum der Wissenschaft PDF

5. Rand DG, MA Nowak (2009). Name and shame: How reputation could save the Earth. New Scientist 204(2734): 28-29.  PDF  Slate Magazine

6. Nowak MA (2012). Why we help. Sci Am 307(1): 34-39.  PDF

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