PED Seminar Series

All seminars held at One Brattle Square unless indicated otherwise


MAY 11   

Dr. Georg Luebeck &
Dr. Kit Curtius

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Multistage modeling of cancer and tissue aging in Barrett’s esophagus

MAY 18

Dr. Michael Makowsky
Clemson University
The Evolution of Power and the Divergence of Cooperative Norms
Dr. George Constable
Princeton University
Strength in Numbers: Demographic Noise can Reverse the Direction of Selection
JUN 16

Dr. Tobias Gerstenberg
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A counterfactual simulation model of causal judgement
SEP 22Dr. Robert Noble
Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution
de Montpellier
Cancer: evolution, ecology and bad luck
NOV 14Dr. Stavroula Kousta
Chief Editor, Nature Human Behaviour
Introducing "Nature Human Behaviour"
LOCATION: Harvard Science Center, Hall E at 4P